Well, I’m a year and a half into my journey to excellent health! Along the way I’ve managed to lose 50 lbs and I feel so much better! I’ve had people ask me my “secret.” It’s no secret…just a lot of hard work and dedication! I’ve made exercise a priority and also made a point of eating better. Sure, sometimes I have a “treat” and that’s ok. There’s too much yummy food out there to not have a little taste now and again.

What I didn’t realize, as I embarked on this journey, was that by pushing myself and reaching my goals I would, in turn, be inspiring others to start their own journey. How awesome is that??? I love hearing from people that by watching me and my transformation they’ve started their own journey to fitness and good health. That also helps me to keep on track, knowing that people are watching me and looking to me for inspiration and ideas. It’s a bonus!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say I appreciate all of your support and together we will continue on this journey to our own good health!

Adirondack Fit Mom