Burning Fat Building Muscle

Dumbbell Training

Today brought a new step in my journey to healthy and fit. I got up with JoAnn at 0500 and while she ran and then did a cardio workout video I did some dumbbells. I started with Bench Press, and started moving on from there. After this I did one mile on the treadmill. I … Read more

Starting off, headed down the track

Running Feet

This is my first post on the www.adirondackfitmom.com site. I will be posting here in the “Hubby’s Rumblings” category about various man and husband related musings to health and fitness, as well as other lifestyle situations as a whole. Today I am thinking or our family participation in the Spartan Sprint Family Fun Run up … Read more


So, for this topic I am my own worst enemy. Getting enough sleep is so important!! That’s when your body recovers and actually rebuilds itself. Studies have shown that people that don’t get enough sleep actually gain weight. That might explain why the numbers on my scale aren’t moving. On average I only get around … Read more