Body Image

I have a 7 year old daughter. Lately she has become concerned that her stomach sticks out. Now, my daughter is actually quite thin. She does swimming and gymnastics and is very active running, playing and riding bikes like a young child should be. I’m not quite sure why she’s become so concerned with how her stomach looks but that’s got me thinking. Did she learn it from watching me stare at myself and voice my unhappiness with my “kangaroo pouch?” Or from hearing me say how I’m too fat or out of shape?

What I’ve decided is that now not only do I need to get her to make smart food choices but also to love her body the way it is. Instead of me complaining about my “large stomach” maybe I should praise the fact that it carried two beautiful babies full term. Instead of complaining how “large” I think I am, maybe I should be praising the fact that I’m able to exercise and feed myself healthy, nutritious food. Also, maybe I should be including her in my workouts or asking her to join me in a 5k?

I guess she does pay attention to me, after all.


Adirondack Fit Mom