Water, Water Everywhere!


So, today a friend of mine posted on Facebook how much they don’t really enjoy drinking water. That got me thinking about my own water drinking. I like to think I get enough water. I usually drink between 50-75 oz a day. But is that enough?

What I’ve found in my research is that for normal, daily activity the best guideline is to halve your weight. So, for example if you weigh 180 lbs you need 90 oz of water daily. If you’re active you need more than that. If you don’t properly hydrate yourself you can get muscle cramps, feel fatigued, get headaches, dizziness…..just all around YUCK. It is so very important to hydrate with water!

That brings up another point. Make sure you are hydrating with WATER. Not soda (I could do a whole seperate blog post on why soda is SO BAD for you), not sugary drinks, not coffee. WATER. If you don’t like plain water, try putting fruit in it, or crushed mint, or squeeze a lemon into it. You could even put a splash of fruit juice in it.

So, my 50-75 oz a day is a little short on what I should be getting so I’m off to the kitchen to get more water!

Adirondack Fit Mom