Burning Fat Building Muscle

Today brought a new step in my journey to healthy and fit. I got up with JoAnn at 0500 and while she ran and then did a cardio workout video I did some dumbbells. I started with Bench Press, and started moving on from there.

Exercise Sets Reps Weight
Bench Press 3 15 15 lbs
Push Ups on Bench 3 10
Lying Fly 3 15 15 lbs
Incline Bench Press 3 15 15 lbs
Incline Fly 3 15 12 lbs
Bicep Curls 3 15 Resistance Cord
Ball Plank 3 30-seconds

After this I did one mile on the treadmill. I feel comfortable doing these numbers, and I’m not looking to over push myself. My biggest fear right now is putting myself in a position where I do not want to continue. This journey is not just for myself and something that is important to me, but also I do not want to let JoAnn down. She has worked too hard to not have my full support in this and I want to experience this with her, together.

Be strong, be healthy, be fit. Be a Champion!