Starting off, headed down the track

This is my first post on the site. I will be posting here in the “Hubby’s Rumblings” category about various man and husband related musings to health and fitness, as well as other lifestyle situations as a whole. Today I am thinking or our family participation in the Spartan Sprint Family Fun Run up at Queensbury Elementary School. This will be our elder daughter’s second run, her first being the James P. Hinchliffe 5K Run/Walk for ALS in Glens Falls, NY on Thanksgiving Day morning. But this will be our youngest daughter’s very first run. I am excited, but also a little trepidation filled, as I’m expecting her to not want to run and daddy will have to carry her. I am not sure how far the Family Fun Run is, so I’m sure it isn’t that far and we will do great.

I have been headed in my health and fitness journey since February of this year, when Jo asked me to join her in the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge. I lost 10 lbs in that initial 24 day period, and lost a total of 16 inches – and I was completely blown away. I had been very comfortable in my “lifestyle” – eating pizza, burgers and fries, packing on the carbs. I weight in about about 195 lbs and didn’t care. I was down 40 lbs from my highest count of 235 lbs that I’d been around the 2009 – 2010 point. I was happy with myself, but I knew I could be trimmer, lighter, have more stamina, have more energy – but I did not know how.

Three months on we are getting ready to start our second 24 Day Challenge. I am excited. Knowing what is in store, knowing I can notch off some more weight, and feel even better is driving me to add more exercise and be a better husband and father.

I hope that the words that I share here have some impact on another husband, another father, and helps them become more determined to build themselves up into somebody taking part in a healthy and fit lifestyle.