Not a diet!!

Happy Independence day! I hope you all have had a great 4th of July with your families and friends. And hopefully you didn’t use it as an excuse to go hog wild on the food either. Or if you did, hopefully you got your workout in to make up for it!

When people started asking me, after complimenting me on how great I was looking, how I did it I would tell them the truth. It took hard work in the form of running, kettlebells, and other forms of exercise along with eating healthy. People would almost look disappointed sometimes. I think they were waiting for me to tell them what magic pill I took or what voodoo doctor I visited. Guys, it doesn’t take a ton of supplements. Those miracle wraps don’t do it either. If it was that easy surely we’d all be skinny!!!

You have to first mentally want it. You have to have your mind in the right spot. You have to realize “Hey, this is going to be really difficult. It just plain sucks sometimes. But I want this more than I want that cupcake or that bag of doritos.” If you’re mind isn’t in it then it won’t work, that’s true for anything.

Then you have to make a plan. Only shop the perimeter of your grocery store. The less packaging a food has the better it is for you. You also have to pick your exercise. Make a workout schedule. Get a “buddy” to hold you accountable. Pick a workout and make a promise to yourself you will stick with it. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself then you’re in big trouble, right?

I know it’s hard. I’m not to my final goal yet. I probably never will be as my goals are always changing based off of my successes. We can get through this together. The end result is so worth it! Then people will be asking you how you did it and you get to tell them the difficult truth.

Hard work and determination.

Adirondack Fit Mom