Good time for a cleaning!

Hello again! So, I just finished up a 3 day Shakeology cleanse. Nothing but a couple pieces of fruit, 3 shakes, and a huge salad with lean protein for 3 days. Lots of Green Tea and water of course. NO COFFEE!! I didn’t think I could handle the coffee part, but I did it! I was nervous to try this as I really really love eating. But, I set my mind to it and I got it done! Altogether I lost 9 lbs. That’s good because with the last week of a few falls off of the wagon plus my husband and I’s anniversary dinner I had gained back a few lbs. Not cool. So, it was a perfect time for a reset.

I’m in my first day back to regular eating. I was nervous I’d want to eat all day long. It’s actually the opposite. I’m determined to keep those pounds off so I’ve really been good with my eating. During the cleanse I couldn’t do my normal workouts either. With only taking in about 1000 calories there was no way I could support my normal workouts which burn between 500-750 calories. I would just do a 1 mile walk during my lunch break at work to keep my feet moving. It felt so good today to run those 6 miles!!

This cleanse, I believe, has put me back on track. I feel amazing and ready to go. Sometimes you have to reset yourself to really get things going again.

Is it time for you to reset?

Adirondack Fit Mom