Getting Fit is Fun!

I love working out! I love working out hard! I love a good sweat! I love knowing I pushed my body to it’s farthest and wondering how far I can push it a week from now. To me this is all fun! It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come since August of 2012 when I couldn’t even run for 5 minutes straight. Now I’m running 10k’s!! It might not be fun during the workout. After I’ve finished, however, there is a huge sense of accomplishment and pride in myself. I did it! I made it through and I didn’t even puke! Yes!!!

When you’re first starting out it’s easy to get disappointed in yourself. Yeah, you only ran for 5 minutes. BUT…..YOU RAN FOR 5 MINUTES!!! That’s 5 minutes longer than you did yesterday! That’s the mindset you have to have if your plan to get fit and healthy is going to work. A week from now you can say “Hey, I ran for 10 minutes today! That was 5 minutes longer than last week!” Then a month from now you can say “I can run for 20 minutes straight! Only a month ago I struggled to eek out five minutes on a treadmill but today I did 20!” That’s how it goes folks. A little bit every day. Stay consistent and stay positive! You might have bad days sprinkled in here and there but the good days, DEFINITELY, will out way the bad as long as you stick with it.

Need support? That’s why I’m here! I’m happy to motivate and keep it positive because I’ve had bad days and good days. I know for a FACT the good days make it so worth it! Worth all the hard work. Worth all the sweat! Worth the time! YOU are worth it!

Adirondack Fit Mom