Don’t be afraid to try new food!

I love avocado!! I also love asparagus. I love sweet potato. I love tomato. I love spinach. I’m still a little iffy on broccoli though. I’m not a fan of the way brussel sprouts smell but I can’t say I don’t like them because I’ve never tried them. When you were little, if it looked weird or smelled weird it was an immediate NO WAY! And of course you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were NOT going to like it.

Then you grew up. Now you’re an adult. Some of you have children. As an adult you’re less afraid to try new foods, I think. You have a greater appreciation for food when you have to buy it yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new!! All those foods that I absolutely HATED as a child (yet had never tried), I am now finding they are some of my favorites! Bonus? They’re good for me too! Ever since I started reading labels and wondering “What is that???” I seem to be taking more care in what I put in my body. The healthiest foods are more natural. Fruits, vegetables, a little dairy here and there, lean meats and proteins. If it came from the ground or had a mom, then you’re good. As an adult you seem to care less for fancy, bright packaging. With healthy foods the less packaging the better.

Also, most diet foods ARE BAD FOR YOU. Just because they put a few eye catching diet phrases on the box does not make it healthy. Don’t fall for it, IT’S A TRAP! Try not to add sugar to anything. Sugar can be very addictive and once you kick the habit you will feel so much better! Sugar, in all it’s forms, is one thing we need to eat less of.

All this came about because the other day, when shopping, I thought “I haven’t had avocado in a while.” So I got a couple. I had some in my turkey wrap for lunch today and it was wonderful! That got me thinking about how I was little I refused to try it because it was “weird.” Oh man, if only I knew then how awesome avocado is…..

Adirondack Fit Mom