Change is good!

Change can be an awesome thing! Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. Some people resist change to the point that makes it unhealthy. Changing your diet from eating what’s “easy” to eating what’s healthy, along with changing from being inactive and lazy to being active and strong, can be a very hard task to undertake. It’s so important, though!

Also, some people see you making these changes and they might not understand why you’re doing it. What you need to remember is WHY you are making these changes. Is it to make other people happy? Probably not. Is it to make YOU happy. That’s more like it. What other people think about your lifestyle change is not important. It only matters what you think.

The fact that you’re eating better, doing more, and getting healthy is the most important thing! Who cares what everyone else thinks.

Keep making those healthy choices!!

Adirondack Fit Mom